You Are Love is the beautiful brainchild of Erica Pastore and Sonja Thomas


As a child, Erica’s favorite things were dancing around, putting on costumes, playing with make-up, acting out fantastical stories and adventures, singing, eating delicious food, playing outside, and of course all things involving LOVE. These are still her favorite things, and her life is dedicated to living and sharing her joy in them as far and as wide as possible. When she’s not whirling and twirling around, you’ll often find her staring at the stars, talking to the moon, watching the waves, and smiling while thinking of the people and places she loves. Sometimes you’ll find her curled up in a ball, eating ice cream, and watching too much netflix, but let’s not talk about that. A sensitive soul, Erica is finding her way in this wild world, ever so grateful to be traveling in such good company.  Sonja inspires Erica with her bravery, strength, fearless exploration of our deepest struggles, and the child’s sense of wonder she still carries in her heart.


Somewhere along the way to adulthood, Sonja gave up all of her passions and found herself slaving away in a nine-to-five working as a CPA 50+ hours a week.  Now she’s taking a leap of faith and living a life full of love and passion.  She writes, dances, draws, paints, travels and whatever else makes her heart sing with joy, even if her head is full of fear.  Her motto is to Play.Write.Create and her mission is to help people find light in the darkness.  Erica inspires Sonja with her energy, her faith, her ability to invoke emotion and connection thru a single shimmy or belting a cappella, and the sparkle she brings to a room with her presence and smile.

Meet our five AMAZING AND GORGEOUS contributors!! We’re growing, and apparently we only attract stunningly beautiful women to our tribe! 🙂

Vivianne Sanchez

Vivianne was born in Miami, Florida to two amazing and supportive parents and is one of six lucky girls to be raised by them. After moving to Idaho and completing her undergraduate in Art History, she packed her bags and hit the road to accept a once in a lifetime fellowship opportunity to journey through her Masters in Arts Management at the University at Buffalo, NY. Most recently, she is involved in a grass roots community arts project through the Burning Man community in Idaho and is the volunteer Project Lead for Idaho’s effigy that will burn at the annual music and arts festival. Also on the life agenda is a move to Salt Lake City, UT to begin the next journey of nurturing the arts in the next town! Vivianne shines bright! Stay tuned…

Emily Irene Bedal

emily is a 22 year old young woman with an appetite for rhythm, failed attempted hip movements to accompany that rhythm, and a demonstrated ability to not make sense of one’s place in the world. her middle name is irene, which is greek for “peace”, which seems like kind of a sick joke of the gods, but she’s working with it. she enjoys dancing spontaneously, getting lost either by foot, rollerblade, bike or bus, and usually has a pretty great time making friends with strangers. she enjoys conversation without agenda and really great thai food.  her drink of choice is coffee, but only in a mason jar.  she really dislikes being called a “hippy” (notice the incorrect spelling) mainly because really does enjoy a good shower, and pretending like she has manners in dimly light jazz clubs.  she’s way too sensitive, but that’s just because she’s a water sign. she currently resides in boulder, co and los angeles, ca and spends her free time writing songs, cycling, thinking about the ocean, and mainly wondering how to contain all the energy and joy she derives from the beauty and chaos the world so graciously holds without falling into PTSD from being born a spirit in a human body.  though she was introduced to 3 dimensional life in chicago, il, she really believes her ancestry lies in africa or brazil.  actually, a little bit of both.  ciao!

Folake Oyegbola

Once accurately described as a Hummingbird, Folake is enchanted and whimsical. She moves to the rhythm of her soul and enjoys when others do too! A dancer at heart, you can often find her having fun in various styles of dance including everything from the robot to a pirouette. Right now she resides in Africa. Nestled in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, she is a secondary school science teacher and is sowing seeds of empowerment spiked with a healthy dose of giggles. The rolling verdant hills provide an excellent backdrop for her to connect with her first love, nature. A connoisseur of exotic foods, culture and travel, she has sampled the richness of many continents and wants seconds. Ever the explorer, she is on a path of discovery and enjoys interacting with the quintessence of the people she meets. Folake is a romantic and believes in ALL things Love.  She considers herself to be a hybrid between Indiana Jones and Carrie Bradshaw. Archeology and architecture feed her when there is nothing else. When not “on the go” you can find her inside curled up in her bed with her oldest passion: the study of alchemy.

Kaitlyn Mirison

A practical business leader with a creative soul, Kaitlyn believes that the creative process is available to everyone, and that art can transform our experience of life and work. She is the visionary and founder behind The Creative Way, a Portland, Oregon, artspace that is driven by her passion for helping others to embrace their personal creativity and inspiration through artful play.

Jeannette Lancien

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